The Symposium

Each year, the Michigan Journal of Law Reform hosts a symposium where academics and policymakers from across the country come together to discuss a specific legal reform. For the 54th Volume of the Annual Symposium, our team is hosting The Poverty Penalty: America’s Overuse of Fines and Fees on January 25th 2021 – January 29th, 2021.

The goals of this Symposium are to provide historical and political context for current issues associated with the overuse of fines and fees and to consider how governments, private industry, and private citizens can together seek reform. The Symposium will consist of five events, each lasting one hour and focused on scholarship, panel discussions, and potential reform ideas.

The Michigan Journal of Law Reform

The Michigan Journal of Law Reform is one of the oldest and most well respected law and policy publications in the nation. It publishes cutting-edge legal scholarship by both academics and legal practitioners. Established in 1968, the Journal finds its roots in a desire to propose constructive, well-reasoned reforms in all areas of the law.

In the Journal’s inaugural issue, Professor Francis Allen summarized the publication’s purpose in the following way: “In short, it seeks to promote the improvement of law and its administration in all areas in which needs are disclosed and in which useful proposals can be advanced.” True to these words, the Journal’s Editorial Board has consistently sought out and published articles on a diverse range of legal issues, eschewing the narrow focus of many legal publications

Michigan Journal of Law Reform Volume 54

Symposium Office

Amy Ciardiello, Managing Symposium Editor

Sean J. Brennan, Symposium Editor

Emily C. Tifft, Symposium Editor

Ronica F. Hutchison, Associate Symposium Editor

Madeline S. McFee, Associate Symposium Editor

Anthony W. Oxendine III, Associate Symposium Editor

Managing Editorial Board

Nicole Frazer, Editor-in-Chief

Elise M. Coletta, Managing Editor

Laurel M. Ruza, Managing Production Editor

Hannah G. Basalone, Managing Articles Editor

Julie Moroney, Managing Notes Editor

Brenna M. Ferris, Managing Online Editor

Sumner T. Truax, Managing Executive Editor