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Each year, the Michigan Journal of Law Reform hosts a symposium where academics and policymakers from across the country come together to discuss a specific legal reform. This year, we are especially excited to showcase the Volume 54 Symposium: The Poverty Penalty: America’s Overuse of Fines and Fees.

The goals of this Symposium are to provide historical and political context for current issues caused by the overuse of fines and fees and to consider how governments, private industry, and private citizens can together seek reform. The Symposium will consist of five different panel discussions, each providing a different perspective on fines and fees reform issues.

Volume 54

The companion issue to the Symposium will be published in Summer, 2021.

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The Poverty Penalty: America’s Overuse of Fines and Fees is a free event open to the public. Register today to reserve your spot.


Questions? Comments? Contact us at jlrsymposium@umich.edu.